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Volunteering Policy

Genesis wants to assure volunteers that we appreciate their contribution to Genesis. The club is dedicated to ensuring that Volunteers have a quality volunteer experience which is both productive and rewarding

Volunteers can expect to:

  • Be thanked and to have their voluntary contribution recognized

  • Receive supervision and support

  • Get something out of the work for themselves

  • Know who to go to if there is a problem

  • Be informed whether they are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred when



  • Make mistakes and learn from them

  • Be made aware of complaint and grievance procedures

  • Be made aware of how issues or difficulties will be dealt with

  • Be treated fairly and not to experience discrimination

  • To work in as safe an environment as possible

  • Be informed about, and given the opportunity to play an active part in the club as a whole

  • Be able to say 'no' and to leave without feeling guilty


Volunteers are asked to:

  • Respect the values and aims of the club

  • Accept and abide by the Constitution, policies and procedures of Genesis

  • Be committed, aim for high standards and giving your best of your skills and abilities

  • Be reliable and give the club sufficient warning if unable to turn up

  • Be punctual

  • Attend essential training and support sessions

  • Undertake the work to a high standard

  • In relation to your sport: Be fair, impartial and honest and apply the Rules of the Game


Genesis is expected to:

  • Ensure the volunteering experience is a rewarding one

  • Respect all volunteers and listen to what they have to say

  • Ensure equal access and not to discriminate

  • Define clear, meaningful roles for volunteers

  • Have policies and procedures for volunteers

  • Provide all necessary information to volunteers

  • Be available for volunteers

  • Provide training where necessary

  • Thank and value volunteers

  • Provide insurance cover

  • Inform volunteers of any legal liabilities

  • Supervise and to provide support

  • Reimburse out-of-pocket expenses

  • Provide a safe working environment

  • Have procedures in place for dealing with complaints and grievances

  • Have procedures in place for dealing with issues or difficulties that may arise


Genesis is asking the volunteers:

  • When required by law or regulation, to be a part of a screening process which includes

Garda Vetting

  • For certain qualities and skills in volunteers

  • To understand and buy into the club’s ethos

  • For tasks to be done in a particular way, to a certain standard and within certain


  • To see through their time commitment

  • For reliability

  • For punctuality

  • To leave if their involvement hinders the club achieving its goals


Volunteer Awards

  • By sponsoring volunteers for courses

  • By giving public recognition

  • By annual award ceremony

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